40 Ways to reduce home expenses

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  • There are ways to have a more significant bank balance and a smaller waist!
  • Stop and think before buying
  •  Ask yourself the question: Do I need this, or can I do without it?

Most people dislike the thought of having to budget, but the reality is that bank balances are always on the decrease and spending is on the increase. Look at the following list and identify how many opportunities there are to reduce your home expenses.

  1. Plan all meals.
  2. Pre-cook meals on the weekend instead of buying take-a-ways during the week.
  3. Entertain at home, experiment with different meals insteadof eating out all the time.
  4. Do not waste food. Make your soups, stock, etc., from leftovers.
  5. Limit snacks at home to popcorn, fruit & vegetables.
  6. Drink water or juice instead of alcoholic beverages.
  7. Avoid ‘fad’ and junk foods consisting of empty calories.
  8. Cut down on sugar, white flour products, and fatty foods.
  9. Purchase bread and milk once a week and freeze until needed.
  10. Avoid buying outdated, spoiled food.
  11. If you don’t have one, invest in a new or good used freezer.
  12. Take lunch to work.
  13. Visit your grocery store as least often as possible.
  14. When grocery shopping, carry a list and stick to it!
  15. Nevershop on an empty stomach.
  16. If possible, never take childrengrocery shopping with you.
  17. Pet food can be expensive. Buy in bulk.
  18. Reuse disposable containers and packets.
  19. Watch the cash register when checking out. Errors can be costly.
  20. Buy cheaper ‘store’ or ‘house’ brands.
  21. Stock up on genuine bargains.
  22. Avoid non-nutritious foods, junk foods, sugary foods, soft drinks, etc.
  23. Stop smoking.
  24. Clothing, cosmetics, and hair products can be expensive. There are alternatives.
  25. Avoid expensive hairdressers. Look for less trendy or home-based businesses.
  26. Buy pharmaceutical and cosmetic products from the discount chains.
  27. Telephone bills are ridiculous. Manage cell phone expenses by budgeting
  28. Do not be responsible for teenage cellphone accounts.
  29. Become water-wise, especially in the garden.
  30. Learn about gardening from the experts and landscape your garden yourself.
  31. Plant seeds and propagate with plants.
  32. Share magazines and books—also frequent second-hand bookshops.
  33. Become more knowledgeable and handy around your home, save money and become fit in the process!
  34. Communicate with people; someone will know more than you and hopefully save you time and money.
  35. Ignore advertisements on T.V. about gimmicks.
  36. Be selective about entertainment. Many times you are disappointed and wish you hadn’t wasted your time and money.
  37. Read the leaflets in your post box, local newspapers. Specials are available.
  38. Plan your week, thus avoiding the shops.
  39. Say NO to children. You will save yourself a fortune.
  40. With all the savings, you can spoil yourself without feeling guilty!!!


  • Become a consumer and not consumed
  • Do not linger in the shopping isles
  • Set yourself a time limit, and do not shop until you drop!!!

Author: Allen Hargreaves Financial Wellness Coach.
Sources: Readers Digest and The Internet.

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