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Invest in Yourself will present a series of Financial wellness webinars to empower you with knowledge to ensure you create a bright future for you and your loved ones.

A group of people attending a financial wellness training seminar in a boardroom.

Financial Wellness webinar

The purpose financial wellness training is to ensure you are financially secure to take care of your current financial needs and to create a positive financial future for you and your loved ones.

Two colleagues seated at a laptop while attending a budgeting webinar.

Budgeting webinar

Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money.

A stressed man seated at his desk with his laptop surrounded by scraps of paper trying to manage his debt.

Debt management Webinar

Debt is a reality in all our lives. Debt can be useful in obtaining an education, car and home if correctly managed.

A thumb firmly placed on a stack of credit cards.

Credit Score Webinar

Your credit profile is a record of your financial reputation. Your credit score is a measure of your financial health and financial responsibility.

Miniature house with a set of keys next to a calculator as a symbol of owning your own home.

How to pay off your bond in 10 years Webinar

A home loan is a major financial commitment and paying it off sooner can save you lots of money.

Male hands putting coins into a glass jar and calculating how much money his saving.

Investing Webinar

We often confuse saving with investing. We save for our short-term goals like an overseas trip, a deposit for a car or home.

Older man examining and signing his last will and testament on a brown desk.

Estate Planning Webinar

Many of us know what it means to draw up a will, not many of us have a will. Plan ahead in ensuring that your family is financially secured.

Women seated at a desk with their laptops receiving training on financial wellness for women.

Women and Finance Webinar

Women have been driving change in the labour market, the workplace, and their homes.

Female employee receiving a letter of retrenchment while seated at her desk.

Retrenchment Webinar

Your final package may include notice pay, leave pay, severance pay and a gratuity.

An elderly couple seated at a desk with their laptop while planning for retirement.

Retirement planning Webinar

Many people don’t save for retirement early enough. This training allows you to have a proper plan in place to ensure you will comfortable in your golden years with a reliable monthly income.

Mature male with a pen in his hand examining the different pension options available after retirement.

Understanding Defined Benefit Pension funds Webinar

A defined benefit pension plan is a pension plan in which an employer  promises a specified pension payment….


Understanding the Different Pension Options at Retirement Webinar

When it comes to retirement, there are many different pension options available to you.

Mature male clutching his head with his hands while researching what happens to his pension fund after a divorce or death.

What happens to my Pension/Provident Fund on Divorce/Disability or Death Webinar

In terms of  the Divorce Act, a member’s pension interest in a retirement fund….

Mature couple receiving training and signing paperwork that explain the different marriage options.

Understanding the Different Marriage Options Webinar

Couples sometimes rush into marriage and before they realise it, they are bound….

Elderly couple embracing their retirement by laughing and sharing a hug together.

Retirement preparation courses

Our Embracing Retirement training deals with the emotional side of retirement.


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