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Personal financial wellness is often overlooked. But without a deep understanding and application of financial wellness, you have very little chance of being financially stable, and more so, building a secure financial future for yourself and loved ones. More than merely budgeting, financial wellness education will give you an in-depth understanding and practical input on how money works, budget, build savings and reduce debt.

Our Financial Wellness Program

There are several areas of your finances that all require serious attention and, at the same time, are interconnected. You will learn the importance of budgeting, managing debt responsibly and implementing savings, alongside managing
investments, a retirement plan, and various annuities. Basic knowledge of personal finance is not enough to stay in control of your finances in the long run. Our courses are designed to incorporate counseling and coaching aspects to expand the impact.

Our financial wellness program will equip you to manage successfully:

  • Personal and household budgeting,
  • Consumer credit building and debt reduction,
  • Student loan repayment management,
  • Emergency and short-term savings,
  • Goal-setting, and
  • Financial crisis management.

The Benefits of Financial Wellness Programs for Employees

When it comes to our confidential and one-on-one financial wellness programs for employees, share the gift of financial security, going beyond retirement planning and investing information.

As an employer, you will give your workforce access to opportunities to build assets, reduce debt, and a more remarkable ability to retire early. Additionally, employers benefit considerably through a reduction in employee absenteeism, higher employee retention, decreased costs related to employee salary increases, and an increase in productivity and focus.

Minimise financial challenges and maximise financial opportunities and get in touch today either via our virtual financial wellness webinars and onsite training.

A group of people attending a financial wellness training seminar in a boardroom.

Financial Wellness Training

Financial Wellness means having control over your day-to-day finances, being able to absorb a financial crisis and being on track towards reaching your financial goals. This training course teaches you how to manage and structure your finances to ensure that you and your family are financially secure.

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Audience members listening intensively to a seminar on employee financial wellness.

Corporate Wellness Financial Days

This is a company event to educate and empower employees to achieve financial security. We will present training courses on various financial wellness topics and have confidential, individual consultations with staff.

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An elderly couple seated at a desk with their laptop while planning for retirement.

Retirement Training

Very few people are able to maintain their current standard of living when they retire. Our training courses teach you how to make adequate provision for retirement, understand your retirement products and how to enjoy your golden years.

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Women seated at a desk with their laptops receiving training on financial wellness for women.

Financial Fitness for Women

Women have been driving change in the labour market, the workplace, and their homes. Women  also generally live longer than men. Women who take responsibility for their finances  have their own personal financial plan. This training course empowers women to achieve financial security.

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Female employee receiving a letter of retrenchment while seated at her desk.

Retrenchment Training

Retrenchment is an economic reality. Being retrenched is emotionally challenging. The prospect of being unemployed and unable to maintain your standard of living can be very stressful. This training course helps you to maximise your severance and retirement tax benefits.

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A pair of hands connecting two pieces of a puzzle while seated at a desk.

Additional Services

Our education approach takes the mystery out of financial planning. We understand the financial worries that keep you awake at night. That is why we partnered with trusted financial planners who will help you embrace life’s journey by providing a holistic financial wellness solution.

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