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The purpose of financial wellness training is to ensure you are financially secure to take care of your current financial needs and to create a positive financial future for you and your loved ones.

Personal financial wellness begins with training. Our financial wellness training looks at budgeting, debt management, credit score, saving and investing, wealth protection, wills, and more.

Our training incorporates the knowledge that will equip you to understand how to
make the best decisions for your financial future while allowing you to feel confident in managing this yourself long-term

The Importance of Personal and Employee Financial Wellness

Because financial wellness is an ongoing task, we aim to offer financial wellness counseling that works for you. Whether as an individual, family, or employer, we offer in-person consultations and in-depth webinars to suit today’s remote working world.

Counseling is helpful in a world where financial security appears to be tougher to achieve. The fact that the average pensioner will only replace only 28% of their income once reaching retirement age is not a reality any of us want to experience. After retiring, the ideal state is that no one worries about financial security and that 28% can increase to 80 – 100% income potential. But that takes time and effort.

Our Financial Wellness training educates and empowers employees to achieve financial security. We present workshops on various financial wellness topics and hold our consultations with staff in the highest confidentiality.

Business owners have a vested interest in supporting the financial wellness of their workers, both from a productivity level and going a long way to building employee trust. Employers can share how to manage debt aside from wealth creation and the importance of health care and retirement funding.

Give yourself and your team peace of mind by contacting one of our expert financial wellness coaches to inquire about Financial Wellness courses.

Two colleagues seated at a laptop while attending a budgeting webinar.


Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money.

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A stressed man seated at his desk with his laptop surrounded by scraps of paper trying to manage his debt.

Debt Management

Getting into debt is easy, but getting out of debt requires discipline, sacrifice and commitment.

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A thumb firmly placed on a stack of credit cards.

My Credit score

Your credit profile is a record of your financial reputation.

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A plant growing out of a pile of coins while being cuffed in a pair of hands.

Saving and Investing Money

Save for unexpected expenses and invest to provide for your future financial wellbeing.

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A hand holding a miniature version of a black umbrella above a pile of coins.

Protecting wealth

Have a comprehensive plan to ensure your loved ones maintain their standard of living in the event of your death, disability or illness.

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Older man examining and signing his last will and testament on a brown desk.


Plan ahead in ensuring that your family is secured and taken care of.

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