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Webinar Overview


In terms of the Divorce Act, a member’s pension interest in a retirement fund (pension fund, provident fund, retirement annuity fund or preservation fund) is regarded as part of the member’s assets. This means that it may be taken into account when determining how the parties’ assets are divided upon divorce.

Couples sometimes rush into marriage and before they realise it, they are bound by South Africa’s default marital regime which is that of In Community of Property. This means that one joint estate belongs to both spouses in equal undivided shares. It is important to understand the different marriage regimes and the ramifications of each marriage type.


If no dependents are found within a 12 moths after your death, trustees have to pay the benefits to your beneficiary — but only if your estate is solvent. If no dependents are found and you haven’t nominated a beneficiary of your retirement fund, the trustees will pay out a lump sum to your estate.


Your fund may offer a lump sum disability benefit, which is normally a multiple of your pensionable salary. In addition to this lump sum, you usually receive your accumulated savings in the retirement fund.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Pensionable interest on divorce
  • Non-member spouse options
  • Taxation of divorce order amounts
  • Member options on disability
  • Beneficiary options on death

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  • What happens to my Pension/Provident Fund on Divorce/Disability or Death Webinar
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