Training and workshops

Financial wellness in the workplace
Financial Wellness in The Workplace

This full day training session covers all aspects of personal financial planning.

Embracing retirement
embracing retirement

This full day training session is aimed at people close to retirement.

Planning a fulfilling retirement
planning a fulfilling retirement

This full day training session will guide you to map and navigate your path to retirement.

Plan and manage your personal finance
plan and manage your personal finance

This course will help you increase your disposable income.

Wealth creation
wealth creation

Increase your net worth by understanding your relationship with money.

Surviving retrenchment
Surviving Retrenchment

We prepare and guide you through this traumatic and often emotional period.

Wills and trusts
Wills and Trusts

We cover the importance of having a valid Will.

Personal development
Personal Development

Provide awareness and self-understanding, that will empower you to initiate change and growth.

Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap

Improve listening and communication skills, to bridge the gap between different cultures, races, age groups and genders.

Third side
Third side

This full day training session will transform destructive conflict to constructive engagement.

Occupational health and safety
Occupational Health and Safety

This full day training session offers consultancy services and will assist your company to comply with the OHSA of 1993.

Stress, anxiety and burnout
Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

Equip employees to cope with the stress of everyday life.

Financial wellness for woman
Financial Wellness for Women

Women instinctively react differently to men in many circumstances. This workshop embraces the differences and teaches women to align their thinking towards finances by instilling good financial habits.

Discover your true potential and become the person you want to be