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Employer issuing a letter of retrenchment to a female employee in front of her colleagues.

The current economic climate is likely to see more retrenchments in the coming months and years. Being retrenched is emotionally challenging. The prospect of being unemployed and unable to maintain your standard of living can be stressful. 

How does retrenchment work

Retrenchment is a form of dismissal due to no fault of the employee. It is a process whereby the employer reviews business needs which leads to reducing its employees.

Your final package may include notice pay, leave pay, severance pay and a gratuity. Special tax rates apply to severance benefits. You will also be entitled to what you have saved in your retirement fund. If you are retrenched, it is good to know what tax you can expect to pay to ensure your money lasts longer.

This course will equip you to make informed decisions to survive and thrive. This training session is divided into two sections namely.

Retrenchment support course

This training session will cover the following:

  • The psychology of retrenchment.
  • A case-study.
  • Fixed versus growth mindset.
  • How you can change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
  • What is in your toolkit.
  • Your strengths.
  • Your interests.
  • Your core values.
  • Your experiences.
  • The world of work.
  • The world of opportunities.
  • Using your toolkit to unlock opportunities.
  • Action plan/The power of networking.
  • Goals and timelines.
  • Survive and thrive.

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Tax on Retrenchment Workshop

This training session will cover the following:

  • Plans for different life stages.
  • UIF and retrenchment.
  • Retrenchment insurance on accounts.
  • Medical aid and Gap cover.
  • How my pension/provident benefit withdrawal benefit is taxed.
  • How my retrenchment package is taxed.
  • How my pension/provident fund is taxed on retirement.
  • How to preserve my Provident fund/Pension fund without paying tax.
  • Provident/Pension fund risk benefits and conversion options. Do I need these benefits on retrenchment?
  • Various pensions you can purchase with your pension fund at retirement.

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What our clients have to say...
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Very informative. We must do a refresher twice a year

Precious Ngubeni
User clip art icon.

Well presented, very informative

Simon Phalane / Primedia Outdoor
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Very insightful course . Very impressive

Olivia Veryn
User clip art icon.

Course was an eye opener

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I absolutely loved the presentation

Ravi Naicker
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Very happy. I needed this information right now

Brenda Zondo
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Informative I will make better financial decisions in future

Alvina Anamalay / FNB Homeloans
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Workshop was very helpful

User clip art icon.

Learnt a lot about budgeting. I commit to not overspend

Joyce Diphoko
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Interesting and enlightening course. Felt like it was tailor-made for me


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