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An elderly couple seated at a desk with their laptop while planning for retirement.

Planning for Your Retirement

Planning for retirement is essential. When it comes to retirement preparation, this may seem like an aspect to be concerned about later in life. The truth is that the comfort you seek during the phase of retirement is dependent on your ability to make the right financial decisions every day until then.

Why You Need Retirement Planning

The unfortunate truth is that many people don’t save for retirement early enough. Most retirees worry about outliving their retirement capital. With adequate training, you will be equipped to have a proper plan to ensure you will be comfortable in your golden years with a reliable monthly income.

Our pre-retirement training is the planning guide you need to comfortably move into your retirement phase, knowing you have made adequate provision for your golden years.

The course  covers the following topics:

  • Understanding your Pension and Provident fund benefits
  • How to preserve benefits on the resignation
  • The Tax consequences of early withdrawal
  • How to begin saving for retirement
  • Understanding deductible contributions
  • How to deal with death before retirement
  • Maximising tax benefits at retirement
  • A practical case study to unpack options upon retirement

Embracing and Making the Most of Your Retirement

Our embracing of retirement training deals with the emotional side of retirement. Many people are not psychologically ready to retire, even if they are financially stable. For many, over time, a job can become one’s identity. This training aims to inspire people who want to avoid boredom, anxiety, restlessness, and feelings of uselessness as retirement approaches.

This training session will cover the following:

  • Approaching the big day.
  • Understanding the wheel of life.
  • The big day has arrived.
  • Retirement let downs.
  • Emotional phases of retirement.
  • After the big day and the rest of your life.
  • My aspiration lists.
  • Finding my new purpose.
  • Options at retirement – A case study.

Increase the chances of enjoying your retirement and making the most of this phase of your life with this embracing retirement training course.

Retirement Benefit Counselling

Pension and provident fund members are faced with making critical decisions that will affect their long-term financial security when they resign or retire. But many members struggle to make the right decisions due to a lack of knowledge and evident experience involving their retirement savings.

Benefits counseling is the disclosure in clear and understandable language of the risks, costs, and charges of the fund’s investment portfolios, annuity strategy, and how it handles preserved benefits ensuring you walk away confident in understanding the benefits and costs to make an informed decision.

Understanding Defined Benefit Pension Funds

A defined benefit pension plan is a pension plan in which the fund guarantees a specified pension payment on retirement that is predetermined by a formula based on the employee’s earnings, service, and age.

This training is essential for all members who want to understand their benefits to make informed decisions. Examples of defined benefit funds are the Government Employee Pension Fund and the Eskom Pension Fund.

Sign up for this course if you struggle with understanding the following:

  • The difference between a defined benefit fund and a defined contribution fund

  •  Whether the government can take your Pension

  •  Understanding your benefit statement

  • Pre-1998 tax benefits

  • What happens to your benefit upon divorce

  • Tax implications on resignation, retrenchment, death, and retirement

  • Options on retirement and withdrawal

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What our clients have to say...
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Very informative. We must do a refresher twice a year

Precious Ngubeni
User clip art icon.

Well presented, very informative

Simon Phalane / Primedia Outdoor
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Very insightful course . Very impressive

Olivia Veryn
User clip art icon.

Course was an eye opener

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I absolutely loved the presentation

Ravi Naicker
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Very happy. I needed this information right now

Brenda Zondo
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Informative I will make better financial decisions in future

Alvina Anamalay / FNB Homeloans
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Workshop was very helpful

User clip art icon.

Learnt a lot about budgeting. I commit to not overspend

Joyce Diphoko
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Interesting and enlightening course. Felt like it was tailor-made for me


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